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The earliest references to Yajurveda specialists calledCaraka(-adhvaryu/-åcårya) are not unequivocal: While they might be understood as mentioning a (not necessarily homogeneous) group of roaming Yajurveda adepts and doctors of Vedic ritual (see 1.1.), the quotations from their texts and of their opinions on the ritual (3.), as preserved in the ŚB, are diametrically opposed
to those of the White Yajurveda.

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On Magical thought in the Veda

The Yajurveda-SahitÃ¥s and the various BrÃ¥hmaas, which constitute the bulk of Vedic literature, have been studied by Indologists for about 130 years. These texts generally have been regarded with incomprehension, bewilderment or derision. Max Müller spoke of them as ‘the twaddling of idiots’ and L. v. Schroeder, who himself edited two of the major Yajurveda texts, compared them with the written compositions of insane persons.

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    The Assistant professor of Indology,University tubingen, Germany.

    1978-1980 Associate Professor of Sanskrit,Instituut Kern, University of Leiden,The Netherlands

    1981-1986 Professor of Sanskrit language and literature University of Leiden,The Netherlands

    1986-1987 Visiting Professor of Sanskrit,Harvard University

    1987-Harvard University,Wales Professor of Sanskrit,Faculty of Arts and Sciences,Harvard University

    1997 Invitation to become Prof of Indology and head of the Department Indology and Iranin Studies,Munich University,Germany,declined,as to remain at Harvard.

    1999-President, Association for the Study of Language in Prehistory, Boston

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